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Domestic Properties (Including Rented Properties):

Inspection Guidance Notes:

Every electrical installation requires periodic testing and inspection to ensure that it remains safe and fit for purpose. The period between such testing is determined by the nature of the installation, its age and purpose. It is generally recommended that private dwellings have an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) performed every 5 - 10 years. It would also be very wise to have an EICR completed prior to the purchase of a property and prior to the installation of a new consumer unit or other substantial system modifications.

In the case of rented properties the requirements are more specific and since 1st June 2020 are defined in law under the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020. Landlords now have a legal duty to have an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) performed every 5 years which is free from C1 or C2 non-conformances. (Note: C1 = Danger Present. C2 = Potentially Dangerous Installation).  During such an inspection it may also be prudent to have all electrical appliances provided by the landlord inspected and tested (formerly called PAT Testing). The frequency of such appliance testing is not strictly specified in law.

What is an EICR? An Electrical Installation Condition Report is a full MOT of your electrical system. As well as a thorough visual inspection, all circuits are thoroughly tested for their safety including ring main continuity, insulation testing, RCD testing (if present) and the presence of a safe and complete earthing system. Such an inspection is likely to take between 3 and 8 hours depending on the size of the electrical system.

Inspection & Testing Packages:

  • Electrical Installation Condition Report.
  • Visual Inspection Report.
  • House buyers Preliminary Inspection Report.
  • Electrical Appliance Testing.


Electrical testing should always be performed by a competent electrician. Contrary to popular belief electricians NEED NOT be registered with a self certification scheme such as NICEIC or NAPIT as electrical inspection work is not classified as 'notifiable' work. Electricians should however be qualified, experienced and carry sufficient Professional Indeminty Insurance. BONZA Electrical Services fully meets the above criteria.

In the case of an EICR which is requested by an insurance company or other organisation such as a bank or mortgage company, it may be the case that they stipulate the inspection be performed by an electrician registered under a self certification scheme such as NICEIC Approved Contractor or NAPIT which covers inspection work.

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Visual Inspection report: £60.00

The visual inspection report is targeted at Landlords who require an electrical visual inspection of their property prior to the signing of a new tenancy. During the inspection attention is given to the overall condition of the installation and any electrical appliances forming part of the tenancy agreement. It also confirms that previous tenants have not interfered with the installation by making unauthorised changes or additions. The supply to the building will be checked to ensure that the electrical metering system has not been interfered with or bypassed. A final checklist report will be issued to the Landlord.

Depending on the findings of the report, Bonza will provide a no obligation quote to make good any unacceptable faults.


If you have multiple rented properties then Bonza will be happy to provide a full electrical property maintenace service that will ensure your properties remain electrically safe, fully certified and are covered by our emergency call-out service all at a budget price!

Please call for details.

House Buyers Preliminary Inspection Report: £85.00

This informal assessment is aimed at house buyers who have not yet committed to buying a property (for which an EICR would be recommended) but would like a budget assessment made of the general condition of a properties electrical system prior to making an offer. 

The report includes inspection and testing of earthing systems, RCDs and RCBOs to ensure that the system is electrically safe for use. Any previously conducted unsafe installation work requiring attention/replacement will be identified. The report will give a 'heads up' to any potential property buyer of any serious issues of which they should be informed and forewarned! Finally, recommended upgrades to the electrical system will be identified. All report findings will be submitted in a written report.

Electrical Appliance Testing: £4.50/Appliance.

Electrical Appliance Testing is only conducted as part of a Landlord's EICR or Visual report.

Appliances will be tested to agreed standards by first conducting a visual inspection of leads, plugs, fuses and the general condition of the appliance to ensure no bare conductors are visible and all leads are correctly wired for polarity and sheathed. Electrical testing involves measurement of insulation and earth bonding characteristics.

All results will be tabulated into a report and each appliance awarded a PASS/FAIL mark. Items that fail the test will be removed from service by having their plug removed and fixed wired appliances will be disconnected from the supply.

Note: Testing will not involve the removal of fixed fitted appliances from their housings. Should it not be possible to electrically isolate fixed appliances without their removal then it will fail the test.

Electrical Installation Condition Report: £60.00 + £14 per circuit.

The EICR is the most detailed and rigorous inspection. The installation and all circuits will not only be visually inspected but fully electrically tested for continuity and insulation resistance. Circuit RCDs and RCBOs will be tested for correct safe operation. All fittings, switches, earthing arrangements will be inspected against the requirements of BS7671 (2018) Requirements for Electrical Installations and any anomolies reported. Depending on the size of the installation, testing may take upto 6 hours during which time interuption to the electrical supply will be intermittently required. Upon completion a full and detailed report will be issued as per the requirements of BS7671.


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